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Join + Californians who ask Gov​.​Newsom to investigate California CRD for racially profiling Indian Americans
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Comments from other Californians

We live in a democratic society. CRD is to protect all the people rights and and find amicable solution “

 CRD in this case biased and does not know how to say sorry for being. Un-democratic “

Caste is completely misunderstood. Further it is a non issue in the USA. The issue is just an evil political ploy to divide this community. Shameful that a government entity aimed at protecting people’s rights is falling prey to these tactics and actually hurting the citizens. “

This is pure racism . Taking the state backwards instead of progressing . “

CRD is biased and misusing state power. “

California has long history of getting elected reps misled by people with special ideology to attack civil rights of selective community. Indian American citizens is under such attack. “

CRD is running a witch hunt “

I am against this profiling and discrimination policy which make Asian from Indian sub-continent look bad and criminals. We spend so much tax dollars to this country and state and this is how we are treated. “

Targeting any ethnicity can not be called as inclusion. This targeted profiling should stop “

This is racial profiling based on falsified facts and wrongfully projected by certain factions. “

I’m signing this bill since CRD is instigating systematic vilification and profiling of Hindus in name of “fixing” caste discrimination when it is clearly evident that no caste discrimination exists in United States “

I am totally disgusted with the way CRD is functioning with malice and without following load down processes. “

CRD has gone berserk in justifying their existence. They have acted in such way in all their dealings that people have lost faith in them. “

this caused so much prejudicial treatment against these two engineers and also the broader Indian-American community in general. The two engineers’ reputations have been tarnished. “

Please don’t disregard civil rights of Californians in the tech industry “

CRD shouldn’t abuse its unlimited resources and powers to harass anyone “

Indians are being racially profiled by some new bills that are introduced. Please investigate! “

I do not want to be judged by my name, my religion, or my national origin. Both CRD and the proposed bill SB-403 will do exactly that. The Constitution expressly prohibits this under the fifth and the fourteenth amendments. We urge you to ensure that the CRD and the California legislature do not violate the Constitution. “

Racial profiling and/or actions taken by organizations, or governments that are based solely on race, hurts not only the subjects of the action but has an overall unhealthy consequence for the nation “

Unless stopped these actors will continue to hurt decent and hard working citizens. “

CRD seems to be involved in unconstitutional activities and involved in profiling and targeting Hindus in California. “

This is unconstitutional and a extremely misjudged action by the CRD — they are being misled by a very divisive anti-Hindu group of people who are hell bent on causing mischief in our great state of Californian and in the land of freedom. This action tramples on the rights of hard working, peace loving Hindu community and will only lead to a damaging future which will impact our Kids and future generations. Respected Governor, please act in the right interest of your Hindu constituents who have contributed immensely towards the past, present and future of our Golden State. “

Singling out any group is not just anti-cultural but deeply anti-human. Let’s stop new ways of categorizing people; we are not study objects and there is no need to profile Hindus as such activity is also unconstitutional. “

The CRD’s role in Cisco case completely unprofessional and malicious. They should be investigated and should be held accountable, if found guilty. “

I have been in this country for 36 years and lived in California for 18 years. No one I know of talks about caste among Hindus and not even a relevant topic at the workplace. The CRD’s actions are aimed at creating divisiveness disguised as fairness. It is aimed at Hinduism which is not a bigoted religion. This is an action brought by people who are ignorant and/or have other hidden motives and agendas. “

CRD is doggedly pursuing defamatory policies against Hindu Americans & is in bed with terror affiliated, openly Hinduphobic organizations. They r denying people a voice as they push through harmful legislation based on xenophobic stereotypes. “

This CISCO case is used to nurture biases, target Indian community. It has caused irreparable harm to innocent people and Indian community at large. “

We should all be beyond racial profiling dont ya think? No one race is better or worse then any other race. If that’s how u think then I say to u, PROVE IT! 

What CRD did in Cisco case is horrific. Governor must restore faith in his government agencies. “

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