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My 15 years in Cisco, I was never promoted and in same grade since joined. Though worked with mangers of various background and ethnicity never ever thought or come across any kind of discrimination. Cisco work culture and environment is diversified and inclusive

Having worked with Ramana and Sunder for over 2 years I cannot fathom how anyone could lay out such baseless allegations. Cisco has been recognized not only in the US but across the world as one of the best places to work and this is partly because of amazing leaders like Ramana and Sundar who nurture and develop talent that is wildly diverse with no bias. Their contributions to the industry and academia are of the highest merits and the request to CRD for a formal apology is the very least they can do after leading a witch-hunt that was justly dismissed by the government.

As a veteran employee of Cisco i want to keep its brand and image intact and instills pride in employees. Cisco Way!

A very damaging case upsetting the decades of balanced harmony we have enjoyed in United States.

CRD must publicly apologize for its blatant misuse of power

A case against Cisco doesn’t hold any ground rather it’s blatant purposeful act to create a narratives or propaganda to divide communities.

Completely agree with the demand that CRD issue a public apology to Cisco employees and Indian-American community is general.

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